The end of the XXI century: the rapid growth of urbanization and industrialization led to the inevitable pollution of the environment. Human efforts to limit harmful emissions to the atmosphere failed and by the end of 2097 ozone holes in all regions of the Earth began to increase in diameter sharply and this led to a global environmental disaster. Ozone depletion resulted in the reinforcement of the solar radiation flux to the Earth that caused a rapid growth of skin diseases 100% proved fatal. Among a small number of survivors after disaster were those who found refuge in underground communication systems of large cities where special rules of survival came to force. A fierce battle for new territories and resources began: the survivors started to seize metro lines and stations. A special currency appeared in the underworld and people started to exchange it for weapons, wagons, energy and food. The most desperate inhabitants of the new underground world took the risk of leaving the metro at night time in search of provision and ammunition depots on the devastated surface of the Earth. Those who did not manage to return until the first streams of the sun died immediately from the lethal ultraviolet radiation. The Earth has entered the era of survival in the underground world. It's time for the final battle - Subway Combat!
Game mission
Collect the metro map in all mission cities. On your base line 10 stations are always available for the battle.
Combats & rewards
Collect the rewards and withdraw stations from your opponents as a trophy after each victory
Compete with your friends and conquer subway stations in various cities around the world
Set your cars on the metro line and prepare all the available ammunition for the battle
Earn tokens and diamonds to buy additional weapons and new subway stations
Explore locality
Explore mission cities and discover ammunition depots using Subway Combat locality scanner
"The future always looks different rather than we can ever imagine"
Stanislaw Lem